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Your dental health contributes significantly to your overall health. Your teeth are an integral part of your body, and if you neglect their health, it will affect your entire body. As a result, dentistry an essential part of today’s healthcare.

There are several specializations in the field of dentistry, including periodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, and oral surgery. General dentistry brings all these fields together.

This type of dentistry is carried out by a general dentist. General dentists are the most common dental care providers. They are tasked with diagnosing, treating, and managing overall dental care needs including examinations and healing, root canals, gum care, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, and preventive advice.

What General Dentistry Involves

General dentistry encompasses all forms of basic oral care. It typically starts with dental exams, which include X-rays. Then it can progress to dental cleanings, tooth decay prevention, dental fillings, root canals, bridges, crowns, tooth extractions, dental implants, or dental bonding.

Usually, the first procedure that the dentist orders after an exam is a cleaning. Regular cleanings ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy and are and free of plaque and tartar. With general dentistry, your dentist will get the chance to identify any underlying issues that would cause problems in the future. 

If there’s an issue, you can start treatment early to prevent the problem from progressing into a more serious issue. In fact, dental experts recommend that you visit your dentist for a comprehensive exam at least once every six months. This is to ensure that no dental problems go undetected.

When carrying out an exam, your dentist will also look for signs of dental caries and other gum-related issues that may pose health risks. Professional dental cleaning is also recommended at least once every six months. Your dentist will use the cleaning opportunity to not only clear the plaque accumulation but also to examine your teeth.

When used during oral examination, X-rays can help identify developing tooth decay. To protect your tooth from the effects of the detrimental effects of decay, such as cavities, your dentist may recommend dental sealants and fillings. Sealants and fillings will save not only your natural tooth but also you from the trauma of tooth extraction that would otherwise result from untreated tooth decay.

Benefits of General Dentistry

General dentistry can benefit you in numerous ways, including the following:


General dentistry plays an important role in preventing oral infections, oral cancer, and other dental issues. With regular cleanings, your teeth will be more resistant to staining and discoloration.

Restores the Function of Your Teeth

Various dental procedures such as dental fillings can help restore your damaged, decayed, or chipped teeth to their original state, ensuring your teeth can perform their normal functions again.

Early Cavity Detection

With the advancements in dental technology, your dentist may be equipped with tools that can help him detect cavities and other dental issues at their early stages. Then, he can treat the cavities and other problems before they can progress to more serious complications.

Improved Overall Health

Your dental health affects your overall health. Poor dental health results in increased vulnerability to other health problems. In fact, researchers have linked dental issues such as gum disease to increased risk of cardiovascular complications like heart attack and stroke. General dentistry helps maintain good dental health and hence improved overall health.

In Conclusion

General dentistry encompasses all forms of dental care from simple examinations to involved procedures. It can help you maintain good oral health, and with good oral health, your body’s overall health is boosted significantly.

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